Monday, March 30, 2009

The End

Mar 29
Day 40

Today’s Weight: 188.5 lbs
Total Loss: 24 lbs.

Woo Hoo! I made it! This phase of the diet is over!

Lunch: pork roast, mashed w gravy, corn, orange
Dinner lasagna, salad, chicken wraps, apple

Difficulty: 5

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So close to the finish line!

Mar 28
Day 39

Today’s Weight: 189.5
Total Loss: 23 lbs.

I was delighted to see the scale drop below 190. When I was making my personal goal for the diet, I remember thinking I wanted to get to 175 lbs, but would be pleased if I could break into the 180s and I did, so I choose to be pleased. It is fast Sunday tomorrow and I’m fasting. I don’t miss the food a much as the water. I’ve worked outside a lot today and I’m very thirsty. I’m grateful for so many things, though, that I feel privileged to fast.

Lunch: chicken, asparagus, tomatoes, orange
Dinner: Fasting

Difficulty: 5

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nearing the end

Mar 27
Day 38

Today’s Weight: 190
Total Loss:Today 22.5 lbs.

Today I had the last shot. I ate out twice and it is hard to truly monitor the food, but I tried to be careful. The end is so near….

Lunch: chicken, salad, strawberries
Dinner: Fajita meat and grilled veggies and orange slices

Difficulty: 3

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Fasting

Mar 26
Day 37

Today’s Weight: 190
Total loss: 22.5 lbs.

The Mormon’s live the law of the Fast. I’ve never done it well. Going hungry has always been extra difficult for me because of my addiction to food. When I decided to follow this diet, I knew I was in for a long drawn out hunger. It occurred to me that it is much like fasting. When we fast, we skip 2 meals or go without food and drink for 24 hours. Fasting always begins and ends with prayer. A proper fast includes a donation or fast-offering which should be at least the amount that the meals skipped would have cost. The funds thus raised are used in the churches welfare program which cares for the needy.
I decided to make this 40 day diet a 40 day fast. I am going to include an offering and I’m trying to keep a spiritual perspective.
In our church magazine, the Ensign, which came to my house today, there is an article entitled, “Fasting with Power”. The article explains that proper and consistent fasting can help us overcome sins, bad habits, and addictions.
I feel a hope and a conviction that something more positive than weight loss will have occurred through this commitment. I believe that healing has taken place.

Lunch: chicken, asparagus, orange
Dinner: gr beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, strawberries

Difficulty 3

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Endurance Day

Mar 25
Day 36

Today’s Weight: 191
Total Loss: 21.5 lbs.

I am so done with this, but determined to stick it out to the bitter end. I feel tired all of the time and a total lack of energy. Afriend came over that is doing this program for the 2nd round. She lost 25 lbs. the first round, then 4 more during the maintenance 6 weeks, and has lost 34 total now. She says the 2nd round is much harder than the first and I think the first was hard enough. I want to do it perfectly and feel successful, which I do, So I will be done on Monday morning…

Lunch: steak, green beans tomatoes, orange
Dinner: Chicken, asparagus, strawberries

Difficulty: 4

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 More Pounds

Mar 24
Day 35

Today’s Weight: 191.5
Total Loss 21 lbs.

I don’t know what has changed the scales, but I’m not complaining. Today was back to college. Both meals were on the run.

Lunch: steak, asparagus, orange
Dinner: chicken, tomatoes, strawberries

Difficulty: 3

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Last Monday

Mar 23
Day 34

Today’s Weight: 193.5
Total Loss 19 lbs.

The scale keeps dropping. That is nice. Even though I know I am on the last week, the day seemed difficult. It is like I can taste the end, and this time next week I will get breakfast. The idea of lifting the restrictions is enticing and frightening at the same time. I worry that I will lose complete control.

Lunch: chicken, asparagus, orange
Dinner: steak, spinach, strawberrieds

Difficulty: 3

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Love Sundays

Mar 22
Day 33

Today’s Weight: 194.5
Total Loss: 18 lbs.

Sundays are so full. Bonnie and I sang in church. I am so blessed to have her close. I took a little nap after church. Then it was off to choir practice, then our class. It is nice to have it all done. Chantz has a friend staying here with us this week. She is from AZ. She seems like a very nice girl. Having her come inspired me to get new coverings for the bed. It looks great!

Lunch: steak, tomatoes, orange
Dinner: gr beef, tomatoes, green beans, ½ grapefruit

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Down a Pound

Mar 21
Day 32

Today’s Weight: 195.5
Total Loss: 17 lbs.

The scales dropped again, Yae! We had a house full today. The day flew by. The grandkids and I painted murals on the side of the Rose Planter. That was fun. It is windy and Gary cut pieces of pipe for each of out tomato plants. We also hung the new Grandchildren picture frame. It looks great. It barely fits on the wall.

Lunch: tuna, tomatoes, orange
Dinner: steak, asparagus, strawberries

Difficulty: 4 ( I kept feeling very light headed and weak.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Plugging Along

Mar 20
Day 31

Today’s Weight: 196.5
Total Loss: 16 lbs.

I had another busy day. I dug the Bermuda grass out of one of my Lantana beds and Chantz came along and helped me. He is an awesome grandson. Cinnamon and Gary helped me create my picture board to mount all of the grandkid’s pictures. It turned out cool. I have to take down the photos on the wall and then Gary will put it up. I hope it works well.

I didn’t eat dinner until after 9:00 tonight. I was just too busy.

Lunch: chicken, spinach, orange
Dinner chicken, tomatoes, apple

Difficulty: 3

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Mar 19
Day 30

Today’s Weight 197
Total Loss: 15.5 lbs.

It feels pretty good to type Day 30. I’m 75% of the way – YAE!

I put a couple of hours into the garden this morning. It sure saps me. I can feel the artificial energy of the B-12 and the appetite suppressant, but it is nothing like the real thing.

I keep thinking about our ancestors who had to cross the plains and mountains with little or nothing to eat. What amazing people they were to keep going while their bodies ate themselves up for fuel. They had no choice. My intelligence nudges me to be wise and to eat a little more, but my stubborn will says, NO!! I have committed to the 40 days. It has become kind of a proving test to myself, that I can commit to something extremely difficult, and carry through.

I went on the Michael Thurmond 6 week body makeover 3 years ago. I ate around 1100 calories @ day. I lost 17 lbs the first 30 days. Granted it was salt free and I exercised more faithfully, but I had the energy to do it and I ate twice as much. I find it so amazing how the body works. I think my body is operating in the slowest gear it has to preserve itself as it is aware of how little is coming in.

Lunch: chicken, summer squash, strawberries
Dinner: Tilapia, Asparagus, ½ grapefruit


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Too little time....

Mar 18
Day 29

Today’s Weight: 197
Total Loss: 15.5 lbs.

I went for a walk then came home and worked in the garden digging and weeding for over an hour. I started to stagger and feel feint. It is so hard to ignore genuine hunger when your body is crying for some food. I feel quivery and weak, but….11 more days….

WE went to the cannery and worked about 1 ½ hours, then up to St George to Turf Irrigation, Lowe’s, Steve Ragan’s, IFA, and Wal Mart. We Came home, unloaded and had company all evening.

Lunch: chicken broccoli, cauliflower, onion, orange
Dinner, steak, summer squash

Difficulty: 4 (Just don’t have enough strength.)

forgot to post last night

Mar 17
Day 28

Today’s Weight: 197.5
Total Loss: 15 lbs.

Today was spring break at college so I had the whole day! I gardened and puttered and played with the grandkids. We had the RS social and I had helped put the program together so that was fun. I took my own food..

Lunch: chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, orange
Dinner: chicken tomatoes, strawberries.

Difficulty: 3

Monday, March 16, 2009

A little loss...

Mar 16
Day 27

Today’s Weight: 198
Total Loss 14.5 lbs.

Bonnie and I drove posts today for garden fence. We ran into Wal Mart to get a few things, then we gardened some more. We stopped for a moment to make tacos for dinner, then we were out there again. The fence is up, but for the gate. Everything is planted in my little plot. I hurt all over and I’m so tired, but it is a good tired.

It was a challenging diet day, because all that work made me very hungry.

Lunch: chicken, asparagus, orange
Dinner: cube steak, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, strawberries

Difficulty: 4

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Mar 15
Day 26

Today’s Weight: 198.5
Total Loss: 14 lbs.

It was a really nice Sunday. The diet was a non-issue.

Lunch: cube steak, spinach, orange
Dinner: chicken, spinach, ½ grapefruit

Difficulty: 3 (They gave us Hershey Bars at church…I gave mine to Phillip)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy Saturday

Mar 14
Day 25

Today’s Weight: 199.5
Total Loss: 13 lbs.

Busy, busy, busy. I had about 20 grandkids here all day. WE worked outside in the garden. I got part of the taxes done. It was a positive, eventful day!

The diet was no problem. It was probably the easiest day so far. I gained, but I was ok with it.

Lunch: chicken, asparagus, orange
Dinner: cube steak, tomatoes, ½ grapefruit

Difficulty: 2

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day in St George

Mar 13
Day 24

Today’s Weight: 199
Total Loss: 13.5 lbs.

It was another busy day. We went to Gary’s cardiologist, then to St George for garden supplies. We came home and I got one grow box planted. We’ve got grandkids overnight, because their parents are on the youth activity.

It was a uneventful diet day.

Lunch: chicken, beef, brussel’s sprouts, green beans, tomato, cucumber, orange
Dinner chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, ½ grapefruit

Difficulty: 3

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Slow Progress....

Mar 12
Day 23

Today’s Weight: 198.5
Total Loss: 14 lbs.

Time keeps marching forward and it actually seems like there could be an end to this diet. Today was just a day as far as dieting went. I spent a lot of time working in the yard. We are getting the garden ready and I sprayed round-up all over the place. I turned the sprinkler system on and fed the lawn. I enjoyed the day.

Lunch: chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, orange
Dinner: cube steak, asparagus, lettuce, grapefruit

Difficulty: 3

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Down a pound....Yae!!!

Mar 11
Day 22

Today’s Weight: 198.5
Total Loss: 14

It was another busy day. Ashlie and Jayden and Vance came down. What a nice treat! There was a little sour cream in my salad today. I tried to eat around it, but I’m not sure I was completely successful.

I got stuck on the Freeway for over an hour while they cleaned up a hazardess waste spill…

Lunch: chicken, lettuce, orange
Dinner: cube steak, asparagus, strawberries

Difficulty: 3

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Mar 10
Day 21

Today’s Weight: 199.5
Total Loss: 13 lbs.

Today was another busy one. It makes being hungry easier some how. You don’t have the time to dwell on it. I went to my photography classes. That was enlightening as usual. It was nice to get out an hour early and get to come home.

Lunch: tilapia, asparagus, orange
Dinner: chicken, tomatoes, strawberries

Difficulty: 4 (plateau is getting to me)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 20!!! 1/2 way

Mar 9
Day 20

Today’s Weight: 199.5
Total Loss: 13 lbs.

Today I went to the doctor and they are going to up my dose of the HCG. It is supposed to break my plateau. Bonnie and I went to the temple, We had lunch at Chuck-a-Rama, and shopped at Costco. WE bought 700 lbs of food. What a project!

Lunch: chicken, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, orange
Dinner: chicken, squash, broccoli, and an apple

Difficulty: 3

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pretty Good Day

Mar 8
Day 19

Today’s Weight: 200
Total Loss: 12.5 lbs.

Another Sunday. I was feeling a little weak at the end of conference. By the time I got home, I was really feeling it. After lunch, I recovered my strength fairly rapidly and the rest of the day was fine.

Lunch: chicken, asparagus, greens, orange
Dinner: Steak, squash, strawberries

Difficulty: 4 (because of the weakness)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sad News

Mar 7
Day 18

Today’s Weight: 199.5
Total Loss: 13 lbs.

I had a shock today. I got a phone message and thought it was my Dr confirming my appointment on Monday, but it was his office asking me to call, because he had passed away while mountain biking. It has been hard to assimilate. It happened 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t know. I wondered why he hadn’t answered my email questions. I only met him once, but I felt under his care, and I feel quite rudderless right now.

I didn’t know what to do, but to keep on the program I’m following. It has been a busy Saturday. We worked on the garden spots. It is always fun to put the garden in come Spring. Dieting is so much easier than it was the first week. I can’t believe I’m about half way done.

Lunch: steak, crab, tomatoes, orange
Dinner: chicken, tomatoes, strawberries

Difficulty: 3

Friday, March 6, 2009


Mar 6
Day 17

Today’s Weight: 199.5
Total Loss: 13 lbs.

I ate both meals in restaurants today. That is a bit of a challenge. Not only passing up things to order, but the things on your plate. I felt pretty strong. I even got 10000 steps. It was a busy good day.

Lunch: roast chicken, salad, orange
Dinner: bbq chicken, salad, apple

Difficulty: 4

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easy Day

Mar 5
Day 16

Today’s Weight 200
Total Loss: 12.5

Today I was busy and involved all day long. I didn’t feel like I accomplished all I wanted to, but I made progress.

The diet was easy. I got quite hungry about 11:00 am. I took the suppressant and didn’t eat lunch until 2:00. I feel content with life.

Lunch: 3.5 oz crab, cherry tomatoes, ½ grapefruit
Dinner: 3 oz steak, spinach, cucumbers, apple

I give today a 3 for difficulty. (for ½ hour is was about a 6)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Treading water....

Mar 4
Day 15

Today’s Weight: 200.5
Total Loss: 12 lbs

Today was fairly easy. I kind of lost steam after lunch, but rallied and had a busy afternoon. The stall on the scale hasn’t impacted me yet…..

Lunch: crab, green beans, salsa, orange
Dinner: steak, asparagus, ½ grapefruit

Difficulty: 3

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Weeks Down!

Mar 3
Day 14

Today’s Weight: 200.5
Total Loss: 12 lbs

I think I’m having trouble adjusting emotionally to this diet. When ANY food enters my mind, I immediately feel ‘deprived’ and then I notice I am ‘hungry’. Notice the order of the feelings?
First I feel deprived then I feel hungry. There is some interesting stuff here.

This diet is so limited. I do not mind the food I get and in fact enjoy most of it, but I don’t really get emotional comfort from it. I often finish my meal, can feel that my stomach is full, but still crave food. The remaining days of the diet stretch before me like a jail sentence. It is frightening to think what I will do when I am ‘freed’.

I know I am supposed to stay clear away from sugar and starches for the next 20 days, then there is a slow period of adding in…. Will my will-power survive this? I can only hope and pray. The carb addiction I have is strong and very driven by my emotions, fears, and anxiety. I keep bumping into these feelings and having to face them without my fix. It is eye opening.

If I don’t deal with the addiction, the dieting will only yield failure as it has so many times in the past.

Today went really well. I walked a lot and kept my energy fairly well. I feel positive and capable!

Lunch: tilapia, green beans, orange
Dinner: chicken, tomatoes, strawberries

I’m giving today a 3. The wedding cake and mints and nuts, looked good, but I felt quite distanced from them emotionally.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Mar 2
Day 13

Today’s Weight: 200.5
Total Loss: 12 lbs.

I am resigned and committed to this diet, but it is hard. I had a couple of black out spells today. Once while I was on a step ladder, that was an attention getter.

It is rewarding to lose the weight, but it is hard to feel zapped of energy and strength. I keep thinking I should call the doctor, but I’m afraid he’ll stop the program.

Lunch: 4 oz chicken, cherry tomatoes, salsa, ½ grapefruit
Dinner 4oz tilapia, asparagus, salsa, strawberries

Difficulty: 5

Sunday, March 1, 2009

That's Better!

Mar 1
Day 12

Today’s Weight: 201
Total Loss 11.5

I felt kind of hungry all morning and a sense of weakness. After lunch I felt better and this evening I feel great.

It was a usual busy Sunday. Somehow the best part is now that it is behind us.

I rate today a 6. It is a 4 now, but was a 7 earlier.